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Friday, 10 March 2017

Mad Scientist visit

A scientist came to school to show us many experiments.

year 1 space

A planetarium came to school

We stepped inside and saw

They showed us what it may look like on another planet

We were told about NASA and the space station 

An astronaut told us how they brush their teeth....they suck up the water otherwise the water will float

After they have brushed their teeth they swallow the toothpaste! Disgusting!!!

We were told about the moon landing....discuss at home if you believe it happened or not!

Our Pets

Some children brought pets in from home....... what can you see?

Animal topic-Dogs Trust visit

We had the lovely Dee from The Dogs Trust visit us and Sidney the dog 

We learnt how to care for a dog and also how Sidney helps Dee

We have raised £150 for the dogs trust to help them in the future-thank you for your support