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Wednesday, 30 September 2015


We had great fun in Computing today.  We learned to program a Beebot and we looked at how difficult it was to make it move to exactly the right spot.  We worked in teams to see if we could get our Beebot to move to different points.  


In Music today we practised showing good looking and listening skills.  We tapped out rhythms on different parts of our bodies and then we had to copy the pattern.

Next, Rico made an excellent conductor.  He used his hands to show us how loudly or quietly to play our instruments.

Finally we used our instruments to copy the patterns that different children played.

Monday, 28 September 2015


We had another great PE lesson with Mr Simmons this morning.

We started with a warm-up which involved us moving around the hall in different ways.  We had to listen very carefully to the instructions and change our way of moving whenever a new direction was given.

Then we stretched out different parts of our bodies.

After that we moved around the hall as different animals.  Can you guess which animals we are in the photos?

The main part of the lesson involved us playing team games.  We had to learn to listen to instructions and cooperate with the other members of our team.  For the first game we had to collect small hoops and put them into bigger hoops.  We found that the hoops were easy to move as they did not bounce or roll away.

Our next games were harder as they involved tennis balls.  We had to place the balls down carefully to make sure they stayed in the hoop.  We had to stop them from rolling away,

Finally we worked on our listening skills as well as our hand-eye coordination.  We had to drop a ball with one hand one use two hands to catch it.