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Monday, 21 September 2015


We had great fun in PE this week.

First of all we reminded ourselves of Mr Simmon's lesson from last week.  He taught us all about balancing.  We remembered to make ourselves a strong base and use our heads and arms to stop us from wobbling.  We practised balancing using different parts of our bodies.

Next we played some games using beanbags.  We practised throwing and catching beanbags using one hand and two hands.  We decided that it was easier to catch it we used both of our hands.  We also thought of some tips to help people with their catching:

1. Always watch the beanbag.  If you don't watch it, you will lose concentration.
2.  Don't throw the beanbag too high.  It is easier to catch things when they are lower.
3. If you are throwing the beanbag to another person, make sure you look at them and don't throw it too hard.
4.  It is easier to catch with two hands.

Finally, we ended our lesson with some teamwork activities.  Miss Bowkett split us into four groups and told us to hold hands.  She then put one hoop between two of the people in the circle.  Our challenge was to pass the hoop around the circle without letting go of hands.  It took us a while to figure this out but, with the help of our teams, we were able to work out a tactic. Well done to the Green Team who completed this first!

Once we had practised this skill in our groups, Miss Bowkett increased our challenge.  We had to make one large circle with the whole class joining in.  We had to work together to get the hoop around the circle without letting go of hands.

We are going to have another try at this next lesson and see if we can be any quicker!

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