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Monday, 14 March 2016

Designing and making a Tudor house

In DT we looked at Tudor houses, like the ones that were burned in the Great Fire of London.  We were told that we were going to use boxes and tubes to make a model of a house.

First we investigated different materials and thought about which tape or glue would be the best to hold the boxes together.  We decided that masking tape would be good, especially as it could also be painted over.  We also learned that some boxes has shiny surfaces and were more difficult to paint than others so we decided that we should turn the boxes inside out.

With this in mind, we designed our house, thinking carefully about which materials we would use.

Next we shared our design with a partner and thought of how to combine our ideas to make one house between us.

After that we chose our materials and started making our houses.  We showed some excellent teamwork!

We were very proud of our models and are looking forward to painting them.

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