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Monday, 12 October 2015

Where do you live?

In Geography, Miss Bowkett asked us the question, 'Where do you live?'

We had time to discuss this with our talk partners and then we shared some of our answers.  Here are some of the things we discussed:

"I live in a house."  Cole

"I live in England."  Ismah

"I live in Birmingham."  Aiden

"I live in England but some of my family live in a different country called Pakistan."  Fatima

We then talked about different countries and discussed how England is a small country that is part of a group of countries called the United Kingdom (UK).  We located England on a globe.

After that, we looked at the UK in more detail.  We labelled the countries that it was made up of.
Can you remember where these countries are on the map? 
- England
- Scotland
-Northern Ireland

Next we thought about cities.  We all knew that we live in Birmingham so we talked about how this was just part of England.  We also learned that each country has it's own capital city.  These are the main cities for each country.  We labelled the capital cities of the UK on our map.

Can you remember the answers to these questions?
- What is the capital city of England?
- Which country has Edinburgh as its capital?
- What is the capital city of Wales called?
- Which country has Belfast as its capital?

We then labelled our own map and wrote some sentences to explain which capital city belonged to each country in the UK.

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