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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Anti-Bullying Week

We started Anti-Bullying Week by thinking about what the word 'Bullying' mean to us.  We created a class brainstorm to show this.

Then we learned the difference between bulling and just being unkind.  We talked about how bullying is something that is done:

We read a story about some animals and talked about which animal was the bully and how he made the others feel.  We all thought about times when we have felt scared and frightened because of someone else's behaviour.

Then we read some different scenarios.  We had to decide whether they showed bullying or just a person who was unkind.

Here are some examples

Sam is upset because Tom tripped him up when they were running.  Sam and Tom are usually good friends.

We decided that this was not bullying because it may have been an accident and they usually play nicely together.

Every time Connor sees Jake he pushes him or calls him nasty names.

We said that this was a good example of real bullying because it has happened more than once and Connor is hurting Jake and making him feel sad.

Finally we designed our own signs to try and stop bullying.

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