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Monday, 30 November 2015


This week we are thinking about different seasons.  At the moment, we are between Autumn and Winter.  As part of their homework, 1.1 were asked to find signs that we have just had Autumn.  they brought these into school to show the class.

Eshal, Cole and Jackson brought in some lovely Autumn leaves.  They had noticed how the leaves had changed from green to brown.

Ammar and Medinah collected a bag full of Autumn leaves and sticks each.  They told us where they had found them and talked about the autumn colours.

Amelie brought in some flowers from her garden.  She explained that in the summer these were oink but now it is Autumn, they had turned brown.

Alfie and Fatima made some beautiful Autumn pictures.  Fatima told us how she had collected the leaves and had to dry them out on the radiator before sticking them onto her picture.

The children are looking forward to learning more about the seasons this week.

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