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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Celebrating Remembrance Day

This week we have been thinking a lot about World War One because yesterday (11th November) was Remembrance Day.

On Monday, we started the week by learning about why people wear poppies and celebrate Remembrance Day.

Can you remember why poppies are worn?

As a class, we created an acrostic poem and worked really hard to write this in our best handwriting.

On Tuesday, we learned a little but more about World War One.  We thought more specifically about animals and their role in the war.

Can you remember the three main animals that were involved in the war?

We produced some beautiful pictures to show these animals.

On Wednesday at 11.00am we all went out into the playground and held a two minute silences to think about all of the people who have been hurt or killed during wars.

In the afternoon we had a lovely treat.  Round Midnight Theatre Company visited school and Phil and Emmie played some games with us to help us to learn  more about animals during the war.

First we thought about all different types of animals and tried to become these.  Can you guess which animals we are being?

Next we thought about horses and their job during the war.  Emmie taught us a fun game to remind us of some of the things they did.

Can you remember why horses were used during the war?

After that, Phil taught us a game called Dog and Rat.  This is where we thought more about the dogs in the war.

What jobs did the dogs do?
Why did they need to chase the rats?

Finally we learned about the pigeons and played a game which showed us why they were used to carry the messages in the war.

Can you remember why pigeons carried messages?

We are going to end the week by consolidating all of our learning so far and creating some lovely writing about war animals.

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