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Thursday, 14 January 2016


In RE this week we have been learning about special people and special celebrations.

We learned about the Prophet Muhammed with Miss Wallace on Tuesday.  We learned that the Muslim story is similar to the Christian story and an angel called Gabriel delivered a special message.  We also learned that the Muslim holy book is called the Qu'ran.  When we realised that the stories were similar, we began to think a little more about Christian celebrations.

On Wednesday we learned about a festival called Holi.  This is a Hindu festival and is mainly celebrated in India.  It is known as The Festival of Colours and people celebrate the fact that good triumphed over evil.  Hindus celebrate by dancing, singing, wearing colourful clothes and even throwing coloured paint and water at each other!

On Thursday we learned about a very important man called Mahatma Ghandi.  He was born in India but came to London for a few years to train as a barrister.  When he went back to India he found that a new law said that Indian people were not allowed to vote.  He did not think this was fair at all so decided to fight against it.  He did not agree with violence so had a peaceful protest.  He marched 248 miles to the sea and was joined by many supporters.  He managed to make the government change the law so that everybody in India was entitled to vote.  He became known as The Father of the Nation and even now, people in India have a celebration on 2nd October every year to remember his birthday.

We produced some lovely work about these special people and celebrations.

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