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Sunday, 10 January 2016

When I grow up...

In PSHE we thought about different jobs that people do.  We worked in groups to think of as many jobs as we could.

Between us we thought of lots of different jobs!

After that we thought about which jobs we would like to do when we are older.

Amelie wants to be a nurse so that she can help people.  She decided that she would need to be very brave and she would wear a blue uniform.

Liah wants to be a teacher because she thinks they are good.  She is looking forward to wearing a dress when she is a teacher.

Rico wants to be a footballer because they are healthy.  He will wear a yellow kit.

Fatima wants to be a teacher so that she can help children learn.  She will be kind and helpful and is looking forward to wearing new grown-up clothes.

Aiden wants to be a racing car driver because he wants to drive fast cars.  He thinks that he will need to be clever and wear special racing clothes.

We think our work looks lovely on display in the classroom!

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