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Monday, 11 January 2016

Things that are special to us

In RE we thought about the meaning of the word 'special'.  We discussed what makes something special and then thought about some of the things that are special to us.

We all agreed that members of our families ad our best friends are special people in our lives.  These are the people that love us and take care of us.

We then thought about special places.  Some people said that their place of worship was special to them as it gives them a chance to think about their God.  Other people said that their bedrooms were special as it gives them time alone to play with their toys.  Some people thought about places they have been on holiday and said that these were special because they have lots of good memories.

Finally we thought about special events.  We said that we enjoyed celebrating Christmas, Eid, birthdays, wedding and christenings with our friends and families.

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